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Stop. Look. Listen!

To Have and To Hold:

Maternal Safety and the Delivery of Safe Patient Care


Stop. Look. Listen! is the cornerstone of our efforts to improve patient safety and create a safe and positve experience for all mothers. This project was inspired by the tragic passing of our own Tara Hansen and the success of our interprofessional maternal health conference. An event that hosted nearly 300 maternal health professionals. One that we know Tara would have been proud of.


We firmly believe this piece of literature has the power to reduce maternal deaths in the United States and send more families home intact. Something we know Tara would want. Something we believe all families deserve.


Please take a moment to flip through the pages. We hope you share our vision for the future of maternal healthcare and protecting the lives of all expecting mothers. 


If you would like to have a copy sent to your office, do not hesitate to reach out through our Contact page. 

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